About William H. "Bill" Cooper

At the early age of 23, William H. Cooper began turning his childhood vision into a reality, by purchasing his first gas station from his father. It was the oil business that taught him early lessons about being a true entrepreneur. The lessons were instrumental as he later established Cooper Oil Company in 1965. Cooper Oil quickly grew to be the largest "jobbership" in southeast Missouri. For 35 years, Cooper Oil Company flourished and Bill served the oil industry in many capacities including lead positions in the Missouri Petroleum Marketing Association. It was his style, loyalty and long term commitment to the business that led to an industry-wide admiration by his peers. Although his success in the oil business played an important role in his career, his love for the banking industry became his full-time focus. Bill's journey into banking began in 1964 when he became director of what was known then as First State Bank of Farmington. Utilizing his natural entrepreneurial instincts, Bill quickly established a solid foundation in community banking. In 1980, Bill purchased controlling shares of the locally owned bank and earned the position of Chairman of the Board – a position he held until his passing in 2010. Through Bill's visionary leadership, the once small community bank on the corner of Columbia Street and H Highway has developed into a multi-faceted financial mainstay in Eastern, Southeastern and Central Missouri. Serving the state with over 46 locations, Bill's vision and leadership has led to astounding success for many of his employees or "family members". Through this scholarship program we are able to not only honor his memory, but also his exceptional gift of vision and leadership. We hope that in time, young leaders throughout our communities will also be awarded an opportunity to share in Bill's passion for success!

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Leadership Experience and Potential— Applicants should have a history of participation in school and community activities, and a goal of increasing involvement, particularly in the area of leadership development.Applicants must demonstrate the ability to understand and apply concepts of values-based leadership and selfless service, and to be willing to critically examine their own behavior and performance.

Evidence of Personal Character and Integrity— Applicants should demonstrate characteristics of high personal character, using this strength of character to be resilient in the face of significant obstacles. Applicants should demonstrate how purposeful commitment to critical thinking as an intellectually disciplined process is guided by personal beliefs and ethical values.

Orientation toward Community and Service— Applicants should have an awareness of themselves as members of broader communities that they depend on and help to shape. Applicants should exhibit an active commitment to responsible stewardship and a desire to help address community, state, national, or global issues through participation and service.

Commitment to Personal Growth— Applicants must have a desire to actively participate in developing themselves as leaders by seeking out new experiences, gaining new skills, and making a commitment to ongoing self-discovery and personal development. It is expected that there will be evidence of time management skills necessary to accomplish multiple personal goals.

Commitment to Physical Fitness and Wellness— Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to overall health and wellness. Activities should reflect a commitment to physical fitness and the discipline and time management skills necessary to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Academic Eligibility—Recipient must ultimately be accepted for admission as a full-time, freshman undergraduate student at an accredited two or four year Missouri institution with plans to study a business related field. (Applicants must be a registered student at a participating high school within an FSCB market.)

To Apply

Visit your high school's Counselor's Office to obtain a scholarship application or click the link below to get started.

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Application Deadline

A completed application must be submitted to your Counselor's office no later than 5:00 pm March 15th.

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