FSCB Chip Technology

A new level of security at your fingertips.

Added Security

Chip technology makes an already secure card even safer

We’re pleased to introduce the added security of chip technology to your FSCB Debit MasterCard. Chip cards have a microchip embedded in the card that provides increased protection against fraud.

Your chip card comes with technology that is already in use around the world, and has been proven to reduce counterfeit fraud.

How to Use Your New Card

Your FSCB Debit MasterCard has chip and magnetic stripe technology. That means, regardless of what type of terminal a merchant has, you’ll be able to use your card anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.

There are some changes to how you use the card. Most merchants will require you to “dip” the card (place it into the terminal itself) rather than swipe. The instructions below walk you through the process step-by-step.

New card shipment details

Any newly issued card will have chip technology. Existing cards are currently being replaced on a monthly basis. Be on the lookout for your new card.

Activating your new card

The easiest way to activate your card is by calling FSCB Telephone Banking at 888-443-3722. You can also activate your new chip card at any chip enabled terminal. Simply make a transaction to activate. You may set your PIN number - whatever number you choose - by using it to make your first transaction.